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How to Best Use Instagram Highlights for Your Business

Last updated on: 2018


Now that you know how to create better content for Instagram Stories, it is time to strategically highlight your stories! Stories Highlights is a new feature on Instagram that now allows your Instagram Stories to live past the 24-hour mark. This content can now live permanently on your profile or until you delete it!

Brands and influencers alike are strategically using this feature to showcase many topics to their fans and their consumers. Below we have refined best practices for Instagram Stories Highlights!

How Can I Use Instagram Highlights for My Business?


Increase Branding with Highlight Cover Photos

To further build your Instagram aesthetic, you can now create Highlight Cover Photos to align with your branding. This is an easy and creative way to build your brand off the grid.

Highlight Topics & Categories

Each Highlight should serve a purpose for the viewer. Every time you post a story about that topic, you can add it to the appropriate highlight category. This makes it extremely simple for your fans to view the content that they are most interested in!

Drive Consumers to Website

Creating a highlight to direct your followers to your website is an effortless way to increase conversions and overall clicks to your website.

Cross-Promote Other Social Channels

Highlights are a fantastic way to promote your other social channels! If your profile has over 10,000 followers, you have been granted the swipe-up feature where you can add direct links to your story. Using the swipe-up feature on your highlights, you can easily direct your consumers to another social property to further grow your digital footprint.

How are you planning your Instagram Stories content to use this feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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