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How to Get the Most Out of a Brainstorm Meeting

Last updated on: 2018

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When it comes to brainstorm sessions, several brains are better than one. However, no meeting of the minds is guaranteed to generate your project’s next great idea.

How can you guarantee the most successful brainstorm meeting possible?

Check out these tips to help you plan and prepare for a productive brainstorm session.

Outline Clear Objectives

Before the meeting begins, think of what your main objectives are for the session and quantify them into a streamlined numbered list that your team can strive toward completing. For example, at the beginning of the meeting you may tell your peers that you would like to leave the meeting with three strong ideas for further development. Knowing that the group needs to meet a specific goal by the end of the meeting will keep everyone on track and focused on achieving this task.

Manage the Room

Once the session has begun, keep a close eye on all conversation occurring amongst the group. All attendees should feel comfortable to speak openly, but everyone’s focus should stay on a singular conversation throughout the meeting. Keep the conversation engaging and productive by steering any side conversation back toward the task at hand.

Listen to Any and All Ideas

The most important thing to remember during a brainstorm meeting is that there are never any bad ideas. Write down all ideas that are brought up, no matter how outside the box the concept may be. Even if an idea may not fit the project at hand, you may be able to incorporate it later on or even repurpose it for another project altogether. Listening to each idea also can help strike inspiration among each other and create new ideas you may not have considered prior to meeting.

Game-changing concepts are difficult to come by, so it’s important you take full advantage of your meeting time to reach your objective. Though not all brainstorm sessions are alike, preparation and organization before and during your meeting can help ensure group and project success down the line.

What are your favorite ways to make the most of brainstorming sessions? Let us know in the comments below.

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