Bio Oil Case Study

Taylor & Pond x Bio-Oil Case Study: Establishing a Brand as a Household Name

Last updated on: 2018

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Bio-Oil is America’s number one selling multiuse skincare oil. Although the product can be used for multiple skin conditions, it is most commonly used to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. With mass marketing distribution, Taylor & Pond’s challenge has been to increase market share while supporting all retailers in advertising efforts and simultaneously marketing to both consumers and professionals.


Through a multi-funnel acquisition approach, we simultaneously were able to market both to consumer and medical professional audiences without overwhelming the market with similar advertising. To ensure that all retailers were supported, we created localized strategies for ads that resulted in increased CTR and foot traffic to sites while also creating email marketing campaigns specific with the retailers for increased promotion and landing page views.


Through our partnership, we have grown the overall digital footprint of Bio-Oil as well as succeeded with an ambitious retail marketing strategy by creating key messaging that emanates through every facet of the brand’s online presence. We have developed and generated large worldwide campaigns including video, influencer partnerships, and a strong connection between digital strategy and retailers. Our efforts have increased engagement and brand recognition overall while simultaneously sending foot traffic to key retailers for purchase, such as CVS, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Costco, Ralphs, Ulta and more.

Our team worked with Bio-Oil to create a video campaign called Makings of a Mom to celebrate women and give them a platform to share their journey to motherhood. The video went viral on Facebook with upwards of 6 million views. You can learn more about the Makings of a Mom campaign here.

Taylor & Pond has helped to make Bio-Oil a household name for both medical and consumer needs. Through intensive consumer research for insights, our team has been ahead of the curve on creating content for brand solutions. Our team has highly increased brand awareness, reach, store visits and video views due to our unique content creation. In addition, direct response dynamic campaigns has led to conversion optimization, mobile app installs and increased website visits.


The Taylor & Pond team assisted in promoting key Bio-Oil retailers by driving consumers to customized landing pages catered to specific retailers. These landing pages featured additional product information, the opportunity to visit the retailer’s website to shop and a Store Locator to shop Bio-Oil at their local retailer. Social advertising was then used to drive users to visit these sites, which resulted in the following:

Bio Oil Case Study


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