Taylor & Pond’s Best Moments of 2022

Last updated on: 2023

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2022: What a year! From our success as a team elevating our clients’ marketing efforts to our partnership with Fortress Brand Group, join us as…

Team Taylor & Pond shares their Best Moments of 2022!

My favorite moment of 2022 would have to be from our Oster Professional Model shoot. Bringing in professional barbers who have cut on some of TVs most famous celebrities was something next-level! But I can’t forget to mention my last day in the San Diego office. The whole crew showing out in their blazers made my entire year! NO other company would send me off in such fashion! #DreamTeam

Zachary James-Fortune, Account Coordinator

I can’t pick just one, so I will have to say all of our amazing OLAPLEX shoots! They were such large productions that really had all hands on deck, and we created some of the coolest content I’ve gotten to be a part of. Some of that content even showed up in Times Square, which is such an amazing thing to see something you had even a small hand in up on display in such a large way. We really all bonded during these shoots, pushed ourselves creatively, and learned a ton that we have been able to implement for productions to come. Love my OLAfam. <3

Madison MacLean, Senior Digital Account Manager

I loved the T&P Holiday Party!

Lydia Li, Video Editor

Double fisting champagne at Happy Hour!

Jamie Maclin, Business Development Coordinator

Visiting the San Diego office from Miami! 

Sergio Arguello, Photo Retoucher

Paid Ads End Of Year Happy Hour: We presented our pets and had some drinks and laughs. 

Chris Ulloa, Performance Marketing Strategist

Going to my first Happy Hour with the team! I thought, “WOW! T&P really does work hard, play hard!” We have the BEST work culture! 

Krista Sullivan, Senior Account Manager


While I only began working at Taylor & Pond in August, I have many incredible moments from the last 6 months. However, there is something so special about working from home and being in Zoom meetings to then finally meeting your co-workers in person. I consider myself to be an introverted extrovert so I truly do love working from home, but when you get to know your co-workers online through various slack groups, Zooms, emails, etc, you feel completely at home when you meet in person and everything clicks. I had a few opportunities to meet up with Kathryn and Evan, my fellow NYC team members, but I also got to meet Madison when she was in town visiting this past fall. We went into the Fortress office and lived our best in-office life. Each of these outings were a blast, a favorite being taking tequila shots with Kathryn and Evan at the Fortress Holiday Party! Here’s to more outings and maybe even a visit to the Taylor & Pond San Diego office in 2023!

Emerson Steele, Account Coordinator

My favorite moment was the Bio-Oil shoot! It was amazing to finally see all of our hard work come to life!

Alyssa Chong, Digital Account Coordinator

My favorite 2022 moments (because I can’t choose just one) at Taylor & Pond was our Halloween party at the San Diego office and the location shoot for Clairol!

Taylor Niemi, Digital Account Coordinator

Happy hour with the email marketing fam. <3

Chloe Kullander, Email Marketing Specialist 

Our Halloween festivities and seeing everyone’s amazing costumes!

Karina Mazon, Graphic Designer

So many exciting moments from 2022, but getting to celebrate 6 great months at the agency by meeting Becca for the first time in NYC definitely comes to mind! We had so much fun taking over the Fortress office. Our Team T&P brunch in May was also so fun! It was my first time meeting the NYC team and getting to celebrate Fortress x T&P with Cindy and Katelyn was a blast. Here’s to 2023!

Evan Pyle, Copywriter

Producing over 30 streaming ads for Jergens this year with the amazing, talented creative team! Team bonding activity and happy hours!

Katelyn Winker, Vice President of Client Services 

So proud of our highest KPI in 2022 – my score at T&P Miami’s mini golf. WHILST wearing 5″ heels!

Ashley Keeler, Email Marketing Manager

Planning and decorating for the Halloween party was one of my favorite moments this year! Raymond and I had a great time getting the office extra spooky, and we were so excited to see everyone’s faces on the day of. Everything came out so great, and the Halloween party was epic (per usual). Going to New York and getting to meet Evan was a highlight of my year, too! It’s so fun working with people in different parts of the country, and once you finally get to see them in person, it’s extra special.

Rebecca Peele, Director of Retention Marketing

I work remotely, so being in person with my design team in San Diego this summer!

Victoria Rasso, Head of Design

Wes getting to eat whipped cream for a T&P social video! And managing my very first T&P shoot, the Nexxus Model Shoot.

Michelle Anuskiewicz, Account Manager

Working with SOL by Jergens during the Sydney Sweeney partnership! 

Kailyn Nino, Account Coordinator 

My favorite moment at Taylor & Pond from 2022 had to be Halloween! Jacob and I had an absolute blast dressed up as Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. 

Natalie Walker, Digital Account Manager

Shooting for Blue Mercury at Sunset Cliffs was fun.

Jesse Alford, Photographer

Bringing Cookie Bear to the office for a Jergens TikTok shoot! 

Kat Christoffersen, Director of Performance Marketing

When it was Zac’s last day in San Diego before he left for Miami and we all wore blazers in honor of him wearing one to work every single day.

Kaitlyn Jenkins, Account Coordinator

When I visited the San Diego office to meet my peers in person after working remote in Miami.

Francisco Gonzalez, Graphic Designer

Bonding with the design team by collaborating on projects or having a laugh over drinks, I love them so!

Jessie Mires, Senior Graphic Designer

The San Diego Design team outing in Balboa Park for San Diego Design Week. 

Heather Rieder, Senior Designer

My favorite T&P moment this year was getting to know the team and making new friends. From my first day, I was welcomed with open arms by everyone I encountered, both in-person and virtually. The holiday party was a particular highlight for me; I loved seeing everyone dressed up in Gatsby theme, and watching Rebecca Peele sing karaoke. Overall, there is such a culture of compassion and caring at T&P. I love the work I do, but I love the people I work with even more. It is a truly special place.

Mackenzie McDonald, Copywriter

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