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The Benefits of Working with Micro Influencers

Last updated on: 2018


Influencer marketing is at one of its highest peaks in the digital beauty world, with many influencers now launching their own beauty brands and products. This top-tier group of influencers are seen as celebrities, not only in the beauty world, but across a variety of different industries. Although it may seem that this top-tier group is the most ‘influential’, it is crucial for brands to work with micro and mid-tier influencers when growing a brand’s digital footprint and helping increase engagement.

What are the Benefits of Collaborating with Micro Influencers?

There are many benefits to influencer marketing such as a large reach, high-quality content and an increase in brand awareness. However, utilizing micro and mid-tier influencers is essential to growing your brand. Below is a breakdown of three large benefits to working with this influencer group.

Strong Engagement

Micro and mid-tier influencers typically have a very loyal fan base and receive a higher engagement rate than top-tier influencers. One of the best benefits about partnering with a micro influencer is that they are viewed as more trustworthy by their following. Working with trusted influencers raises a brand’s credibility of both the products and the brand with the consumer. Leveraging with these influencers’ reach in the beauty community will spread the word, create conversations and increase overall engagement.

Utilizing Budget

When partnering with mid-tier influencers, you are strategically utilizing your budget to work with as many influencers as possible, thus creating the most user generated, reach and engagement. Due to the high cost of top-tier influencer collaborations, it is recommended to not spend all your budget on one activation but rather three to four micro or mid-tier collaborations.

Influencer Growth = Your Growth

Mid-tier influencers, whose followings range from 100K-600K, have a higher engagement rate on platforms as compared to top-tier influencers. Their audiences also value their loyalty and transparency. Collaborating with this group of influencers allows your brand to grow as a brand and maximize the range of exposure to a larger audience. This relationship is essential when moving forward with future activations, because as your brand grows, these smaller influencers can grow with you and vice versa.

Overall, these paid and unpaid influencer activations will not only provide strong, engaging content but they increase brand awareness and ultimately, drive sales for your brand.

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