Benefit Eyebrow Try On VR Tool

Benefit Launches VR Tool “Benefit Brow Try On Experience”

Last updated on: 2018


Benefit Cosmetics has taken its next steps into virtual reality with their recently launched Benefit Brow Try On Experience. According to Benefit, this new tool allows users to “virtually “try on” looks, play with styles, and test out shades and shapes to see the transformative power of your brows…instantly!”

brow try on

Image via Benefit

While Benefit isn’t the first beauty company to utilize virtual reality for an at-home try on experience, many users are saying it is the most realistic so far. Want to try it out? All you have to do is head to Benefit’s website and click on the link to the technology. You can then choose if you want to use the tool in live mode, or upload a picture. Your brows are then blurred out, and the new shape is put in place. From there, you can scroll through different shapes, thicknesses, colors, and placement on your face.

In addition to being incredibly entertaining for users, these virtual reality try on experiences are a great way for beauty brands to give their consumers a way to find the correct product (or brow shape) for them. It also serves as a new channel for customer acquisition if the brand offers suggested products to achieve the try-on looks as Benefit does.

What are your thoughts on virtual reality in the beauty industry? What kind of virtual reality tools would you like to see brands come out with? Let us know below.

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