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Beautycon 2019 Recap + Beauty Trends

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Last weekend, glamazons and natural beauties alike strutted their stuff down the halls of New York’s convention center in search of their picture-perfect moment. As always, Beautycon did not disappoint. The Digital Beauty HQ team had a great time at last year’s Beautycon 2018 event and this year was just as exciting. As soon as we walked in, the event was fun, loud and full of positive inclusive energy! The sign on the entrance read: “We welcome all races, all genders, all ages, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all abilities, all religions, all natural beauties, all unicorns.”

Beautycon 2019

Every year we see fabulous new trends and launches at Beautycon. Our team is happy to report that this year did NOT disappoint!

Here are some of the top trends that we noticed at the BeautyCon NYC 2019 festival:

Beautycon 2019

1. Customization

Target Beauty had an astrological themed booth that gave show goers the option to select their zodiac sign and have a makeup demo done accordingly. At each customized station, Target had a selection of products just for you and your sign along with banners reading, “Find your sign and beauty picks that align.” This personally curated, just-for-you approach to beauty made it even easier for consumers to buy!

Sally Beauty was all about customized hair color. Every year the beauty retailer focuses on a different aspect of beauty, and this year the focus was on hair. The booth honed in on customization by providing an interactive augmented reality experience. Users were able to “try on” hair color that was customized just for them and then were gifted with their perfect shade. We thought this was a really a great example of successful execution of VR in the retail and beauty space.

Beautycon 2019

2. Representation

Dove made a huge show with their launch of their new body wash foam. The launch was tied to the announcement of their partnership with Getty images to work to create “non-binary” beauty, investing in stock images to showcase human beings of all skin types, shapes and sizes. This campaign was geared towards changing the way media and advertising represent women, their booth showcased images of women of all different looks and skin colors.

Beautycon 2019 Beautycon 2019

3. Wellness and Natural Beauty

Wellness and natural beauty are still standing strong but are losing a little steam to stand on their own. As all major brands adapt this consumers criterion to buy, it’s no longer as newsworthy to be paraben-free or vegan.

Beautycon 2019

Booth Experiences

Everyone wants to be an influencer at Beautycon! The name of the game? Finding the booth that looks the cutest for the ‘gram. Every booth was competing with the other to have the trendiest IG moment. Most venders even have professional grade lighting and photography set ups. The better the lighting, background and image quality, the more likely that all those beauty babes are going to post and tag the brand on their Instagram feeds (lesser than photos would get kicked into the purgatory we call IG stories). Booths with the best photo moment included Verb Hair, Mulger ‘Angel’ and Maybelline NYC.

Beautycon 2019 Beautycon 2019 boothBeautycon 2019

New Beautycon Announcements

Beautycon creator, Moj Mahdara, announced the first Beautycon Tokyo to come in June. We can’t wait to see what the next Beautycon holds!

Beautycon 2019

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