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Beauty Trends To Watch This Summer

Last updated on: 2021


As the world begins to open back up and the weather heats up, the Summer 2021 Makeup Trends have never been hotter.  Dare we say…#HotGirlSummer? While some makeup trends stay consistent each summer (Hello, summer tan!), this year’s looks are taking a walk on the wild side. With trends to play up every feature, there’s something for everyone using products you might already have! Let’s break down our top trends for your best summer yet.

Here are 4 major beauty trends to watch out for this summer!

Skin Tints

This year has truly taught us all how to embrace the skin we’re in. Heavy foundations for daily trips to the office have been replaced with serums and glow-givers for life via Zoom. This summer, that same love for glowy, hydrating products gets a kiss of coverage with the skin tints trend. Vogue broke down their favorites for the season for healthy-looking skin, just enhanced.  Lightweight formulas and skin-loving ingredients are ideal for hot summer days spent in the sun.

Courtesy // Milk Makeup

Graphic Eyeliner

Have your eyeshadow palettes been collecting dust? Ours too. No one has time to flawlessly blend a look when there’s summer to get to! Grab your favorite bright pencils and liquids and get on the graphic eyeliner train! Bright, eye-catching designs bring the fun of summer to your look without all of the extra effort. And don’t worry if you’re still mastering the art of eyeliner; you’ve got all summer to nail it.  

Courtesy // @raincornelius

Bold, Bushy Brows

Bushy brows aren’t going anywhere! Take a low-maintenance twist on the bold brow with easy-to-use products like tinted brow gels and precision pencils to effortlessly draw on hairs. We think we can all collectively rejoice that thin brows and tweezer sessions in the mirror are a thing of the past! Check out Byrdie’s top picks for summer brow productsincluding some waterproof options for making a splash! 

All-Over Glow

Highlighters and glowy skin are nothing new to the beauty community, but this year we’re taking the glow all over. Glowing, glistening skin is huge this year with new products such as shimmering dry oils, multi-use cream products, and self-tanners with added shine. Oh, the places we’ll glow…pun fully intended.

The biggest trend of the summer comes from withinconfidence! Whether you live for a full-coverage beat or take on the world bare-faced, your look is all you! This past year has been challenging for all, so let’s celebrate a beautiful summer and better things ahead (and look good doing it!). 

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