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10 Beauty Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Last updated on: 2018


Need some helpful beauty hacks?

These beauty gurus have you covered! Whether you’re looking for beauty tutorials, skincare products or makeup tips, you’ll want to click the follow button on these influencers ASAP.

10 Beauty Influencers to Follow on Instagram

1. @emilywolfbeauty

Pink hair, cruelty-free beauty and wiener dogs: these are the three things that you’ll see all over Emily Wolf’s pastel feed! She has the lowdown on the best products for keeping up colored hair (like vegan beer-infused shampoo!) Don’t miss her beauty hacks for false lashes or flawless skin. Emily’s adorable pups occasionally take over her ‘gram to share whatever makeup they get their paws on!

2. @itssteephh

Stephanie Duran loves makeup and mac & cheese. She always keeps it fresh and changes it up with her ‘do, from lilac hair to bright mermaid blue. Keep an eye out for her awesome giveaways and follow along for fun behind the scenes action at beauty events!

3. @patrickstarrr

“Makeup is a one size fits all”— this is Patrick Simondec’s motto! His goal is to get more boys involved in beauty. With more than 4.2 million followers, Patrick has grown his following and often does makeovers on his mom @mamastarrr (who has 84,000 followers)! He launched his second collection with MAC Cosmetics this April featuring all the floral fantasy goodness.

4. @caro_losado

Columbian influencer Caro Losada is a bilingual beauty with a passion for makeup. She’s known for trying out all types of face masks, from rose gold to Nopal cactus! You can find helpful beauty hacks like how to prevent watery eyes, how to do a quick and easy wing and how to make homemade mascara.

5. @ritualofme

Ritual of Me is a skincare influencer with a feed full of beauty textures. From colorful facial oils to moisturizing face masks, Ritual of Me features various skincare products in a creative and eye-pleasing way. Occasionally other beauty products, like blush cheek color and lip swatches, are featured too.

6. @geniabeme

This beauty blogger’s bright and colorful feed is a breath of fresh air. Eugenia shares the latest and trendiest products, like mermaid sea spray lotion, and swatch shots to display her favorite eyeshadow palettes. Her colorful hair is currently a swirl of pink and purple perfection, and often matches her makeup looks to her lovely locks!

7. @youngcouture_

Marjan Tabibzada always goes straight for the glitter. Her highlighter is always on point and she even mixes it in with her foundation. You’ll often see her changing up her look from long to short hair  don’t miss Marjan’s tutorial to see how to put on a wig.

8. @honeyanddewskin

Chrissy is an aesthetician from Los Angeles and also happens to be Dylan and Cole Sprouse’s stepmom. She’s known for her glowing skin, product reviews and beauty tips. Chrissy shares how to get her glowing look by exfoliation and her detailed skincare routine. Since she’s a glam Glossier girl, you can shop her favorite products for 20% off here.

9. @paox33

Paola Matute is a Ecuadorian beauty influencer living in NYC. She posts beauty and skincare videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Learn how to perfect your smokey eye, get a glowing bronze and her incredible cut crease technique now!

10. @dadmunk

Chemist by day, beauty blogger by night — meet Kelsey Dadmun! After graduating with a degree in Chemistry, Kelsey found a passion for beauty. She considers testing new products and putting on makeup every day as an experiment and is always spilling her latest skincare secrets and favorite products.

Who are your favorite beauty influencers? Let us know who you plan to start following or if there’s any we’ve missed!

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