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Tabbitha Banuelos

Green Beauty Brands: Eco-Friendly and Organic

Green products are in! The growing rate of consumers focusing not only on the type of skincare products they buy but what’s IN them continues to grow. Check out our six favorite green beauty brands that are eco-friendly, vegan and organic.  BODY OY-L: Keep your skin smooth and healthy with OY-L Body Butter. A light,…

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As Told By: AYRES Beauty’s Alejandro Rasic

Bringing a Latin touch to the beauty world, AYRES Beauty was brought to fruition by Alejandro Rasic, an immigrant of Argentina. Influenced from his 18 years in luxury perfumes and cosmetics industry, he sought out to create his own aromatherapy body care line. AYRES Beauty creates body lotions, hand creams, body butters, bar soaps, candles,…

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As Told By: Black Radiance Beauty’s Lana Gregg

Lana Gregg is the Marketing Coordinator at Black Radiance, a cosmetics brand that empowers and inspires women of color, through beauty. After years in the industry, Lana loves all things beauty and social! My name is: Lana Gregg My social handles are: @blackradiancebeauty My company’s website is: 1. Tell us a little about yourself. Have you…

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As Told By: Taylor & Pond’s Jacquie Johnson

We are so excited to introduce Jacquie Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at Taylor & Pond. An experienced professional in the beauty world, Jacquie has worked with brands such as Revlon and CND/Colomer Beauty in leadership positions for the past two decades and has a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to offer those looking…

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New Facebook Creator App Tools

Facebook’s Creator App released new tools allowing you to take your content creating skills to the next level! The social media platform has always given its users the ability to build a community around their passion. If you’re a brand or Influencer, you can utilize the app to talk directly to fans and customers with…

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How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Campaign

So many influencers, so little time! It can be quite daunting when considering who to work with on your campaign due to the sheer volume of influencers in the beauty sphere. You want to select one or more that meet your brand’s aesthetic and mission, someone with a large following and high engagement rate, as…

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Tools For Easy Social Posting

Now that you have your brand’s social media strategy in place, it’s time to think logistics. Easy, on-the-go social posting tools are ideal for having access to all of your brand’s content at all times. Here are four of our favorite social posting tools for no fuss posting in the palm of your hand! Sprinklr…

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Must Haves for a Successful Business Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Utilized by millions, it’s a MUST for every business or brand. Whether you are unsure where to start or want to reassess your brand’s page, we have six must haves for your business Instagram. Recognizable Name When choosing a name for…

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How to Add Links on Social Platforms (Snapchat & Instagram Stories)

New features have hit two social media platforms that allow followers to shop with a swipe! Both Instagram and Snapchat have added a new feature to their apps, allowing users to add a link to their photo or video. Find out how to elevate your next post in just a click with this easy how-to!…

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