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Sierra Simon

New This Week: Why Your Beauty Brand Should Participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online

Deal season is officially here! Two of the biggest sale holidays (aka Black Friday and Cyber Monday) are coming soon and if you haven’t planned for how your brand will be serving up deals yet, we’re here to tell you to get that plan into action NOW! Traditionally, Black Friday has been a brick and…

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Taylor & Pond x Bio-Oil Case Study: Establishing a Brand as a Household Name

THE CHALLENGE Bio-Oil is America’s number one selling multiuse skincare oil. Although the product can be used for multiple skin conditions, it is most commonly used to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. With mass marketing distribution, Taylor & Pond’s challenge has been to increase market share while supporting all retailers in…

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How to Incorporate National Days Into Your Social Strategy

National days are a staple for a good content mix within your social media strategy. They allow brands to join in on conversations with their fans and take stances on social happenings that align with their brand values. Incorporating national days in your social strategy might seem like a piece of cake. However, there are…

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Instagram Launches IGTV for Creators, Allows One Hour Video Uploads

Yesterday afternoon at a San Francisco Press Event, Instagram announced that it will start allowing users to upload videos up to one hour in length. This new platform capability, called IGTV, brings the video length allowance a full 59 minutes above the previous one-minute allotment. “It’s time for video to move forward, and evolve,” said…

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New This Week: Facebook Audience Updates

Facebook has undoubtedly been making big changes on their platform. Since January of this year, the platform has made huge efforts to protect their users, and prioritize user’s friends and family posts over advertising due to many complaints. Most recently, Facebook announced that they will be disabling the use of all third-party audiences for user…

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Facebook’s Data Drama: How Will It Affect Advertisers?

If you are active on Facebook, you’ve no doubt been made aware of the breach of user data by third party companies, most notably during the last presidential election. (Need a refresh? Check this out for a rundown of the most important information.) Allowing user data to be compromised like this has shaken the social…

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Why Vero is Different Than Other Apps You’ve Been Using

How is Vero is different from other apps that you’ve been using? If you haven’t heard of Vero yet, it’s the new social app that claims itself, in it’s manifesto, as the “True Social” App, centered around the basis that people naturally seek connection. Vero, meaning “truth”, is based on the idea that a false…

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How to Grow Your Instagram Following With Boosted Posts

How Can You Grow Your Instagram Following Significantly Each Month? Buy Them? No. Following and unfollowing profiles? No! These are two very common malpractices that we see in the social media world, and they’re the fastest way to get your business profile either banned or kill your engagement numbers by the algorithm penalizing you in…

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5 Tips for Getting Your Brand Noticed by Big Beauty Retailers

For an up and coming beauty brand, it may be thought that there is little chance to be noticed by big beauty retailers such as Sephora or Ulta. This is entirely untrue; in fact, being a newer brand could be your ticket into the big leagues. Here are some tips for keeping your smaller brand…

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