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Madison Maclean

Beauty Trends To Watch This Summer

As the world begins to open back up and the weather heats up, the Summer 2021 Makeup Trends have never been hotter.  Dare we say…#HotGirlSummer? While some makeup trends stay consistent each summer (Hello, summer tan!), this year’s looks are taking a walk on the wild side. With trends to play up every feature, there’s…

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New This Week: Facebook Launches New Mobile-First Video Ad Creation Tools

Have you ever wanted to create mobile video ads for your brand, but don’t have the budget to hire a professional videographer? Well, you’re in luck! Creating mobile-friendly videos ads on Facebook just got easier. A few weeks ago, Facebook rolled out new video creation tools that will help small businesses create effective mobile ad…

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New This Week: Facebook’s Focus on Prioritizing Meaningful Interactions

There has been an ample amount of controversy regarding Facebook and its ethics over the past few months. Users complained that the site was becoming overpopulated with irrelevant ads, making it difficult to find post from friends and family on their news feeds. In response, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s new algorithm that sent marketing teams…

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Key Marketing Differences Between Millennials and Gen Z

Born in the great year of 1993, I’m a proud millennial. I still remember the sound of my dial-up internet connecting to the outside world. In the sense of technology, it was a slower time. Smart phones weren’t around; if you wanted to hang out with a friend, you would call them on their landline…

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How to Utilize Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram stories are a great way for brands to connect with their following, receive customer feedback and create conversions. From an Instagram story, digital marketers can see which individual slide gained the most interactions, how many followers tapped on the photo to view the profile, the amount of sticker taps driving the audience to another…

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Planning the Perfect Product Launch Using Social Media

How Can I Use Social Media to Plan a Product Launch? You’ve done it! Your brand has created a new product that is fabulous and life changing. Now, how are you going to tell the world about it? Planning the perfect product launch through social media is essential for any business, big or small. Use…

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5 Things Every Intern Should Know

After years of dreaming of a job in social media, googling more resume tips and tricks than we’d like to admit, and finally graduating from college, we have landed ourselves spots as interns at the best digital marketing agency in San Diego, Taylor & Pond. Getting here was not the hard part … staying here…

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