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Elizabeth Mabry

Disability Representation in the Beauty Industry

Take a second to try and recall the countless beauty advertisements you’ve come across throughout your life. What kind of people to these ads usually feature? Are you often able to identify with any of the models? For decades, there was little to no diversity when it came to disability representation in the beauty industry….

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YouTube: The Key To Reaching Beauty Consumers

It’s difficult to convey the size and power of the YouTube beauty community. As someone who regularly watches several beauty YouTubers, I have long been aware of their ability to influence viewers’ conception of makeup, skin, and haircare brands. The beauty world of YouTube grew from a handful of creators posting short makeup tutorials to…

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The Clean Beauty Industry Sees Growth During COVID-19

We are living in a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they put on and into their bodies. This newfound awareness has created a market within the beauty industry centered around makeup, skin, and hair care made without harmful toxins. Though organic and natural lines of beauty products have been around for…

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