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Deidrell Sadangsal

Breaking Gender Norms with the LGBTQIA+ Community

Across the board, the LGBTQIA+ community is largely underrepresented in the beauty community. The Beauty industry has a duty to be as inclusive as possible, as the beauty space holds limitless power in the normalization of how people view themselves. What should the Beauty Industry do to better support the LGBTQIA+ community? Pink floral delicacy…

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The Intersection of Beauty and Mental Health

Beauty, self-care, grooming, and mental health have long intersected. With appearance being a potential psychological signifier of mental well-being, beauty is essential. This year, conversations surrounding the convergence of beauty and wellness have further increased, as beauty brands and influencers use their platforms to normalize the discussion. Let’s explore how beauty and mental health intersect:…

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Gender Disparity in the Beauty Industry

The multibillion-dollar beauty industry has been in the hot seat in recent years due to the huge gender disparity across many big-name beauty brands. Did you know that an industry that primarily sells to women happens to be dominated by men in the boardroom and in C-suite executive-level positions? In other words, men are at…

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How K-Beauty Is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

K-Beauty is Ingrained in South Korean Culture South Korean culture has taken the world by storm. Whether it be K-pop, Korean food or K-beauty, South Korea has caught the hearts of fans all across the globe. Particularly, the K-beauty business is booming and people everywhere are using 10-step Korean skincare beauty regimes. Korean Beauty is…

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Gender Marketing: Tips & Tricks on Marketing to Men in Makeup

What is the Secret to Marketing to Men? Men and makeup have a long history. In 4000 BCE, Ancient Egyptians applied black kohl eyeliner to line their eyes. In the 70s and 80s, musicians such as KISS and David Bowie wore fun makeup looks for their performances. So why do men in the US seem…

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Colorism in the Beauty Industry

America has progressed tremendously over recent years in terms of racial inequality, but colorism remains to be seen on a global scale. While it is important to celebrate and acknowledge the progress made in terms of inclusivity in America, it is crucial to note that people of color still struggle. Specifically, the beauty industry continues…

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