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Last updated on: 2020

As Told By

Meet Leah Kirpalani

Clean Beauty is on the rise and Shop Good founder, Leah Kirpalani, is leading the movement in San Diego. She has two San Diego shops, one in Northpark and one in Del Mar, and they are both filled with organic, vegan, and clean beauty solutions. Keep reading to see the innovative and sustainable incentive programs she’s implemented across her business and discover why your brand should do the same!

  • My Name is: Leah Kirpalani
  • My social handles are: @shopgoodco / @LeahKirpalani 
  • Find my website at

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Have you always been interested in the beauty and wellness world? 

I grew up in Tempe Arizona and worked my way into the world of fashion retail with a love for anything creative. But after enduring a personal health journey, I traded my fashion magazines for wellness articles and discovered my new calling in life – to share with women what I wish I knew at the beginning of my health struggles, that I know now.  The inspiration behind my beauty and wellness business is rooted in the ten years of unanswered health issues I went through in my twenties. Right before starting my first job out of college, my body and immune system broke down. From losing my hair to dealing with chronic and cystic acne to reacting allergically to just about everything I ate. After sifting through countless conventional doctors from multiple schools of thought and still receiving zero answers, I longed for a space I could walk into to gain answers and resources from people that understood me and what I was going through- all with relatable and attainable recommendations and tools that could help me heal. It didn’t exist at that time… at least not yet. When I realized that I began to feel better via the act of swapping out my toxic beauty and skincare products out for clean ingredients, I knew I needed to share this discovery and new passion in life with my friends, family, and ultimately the Shop Good community!

2. Can you tell us a little bit more about your brand, Shop Good?

Shop Good is a San Diego-based, one-stop, clean beauty and wellness shop on a mission to make healthy living more accessible, effortless, and downright fun! We offer a highly filtered assortment of non-toxic skincare, makeup, and wellness products, all hand-selected by our team of certified holistic health coaches. We believe in the power of self-care, so we also provide apothecary-style organic facials and wellness treatments in our in-house spas via our Holistic Estheticians. Finally, community is everything to us, and our brand is rooted in education and inspiration – offering monthly wellness workshops (in-person, pre-COVID!), valuable blog posts providing easy tips for healthy living, clean makeup tutorials, and more! Our goal is to be your go-to for all things clean and healthy!


3. What or who inspired you to be a part of the beauty and wellness industry?

I met Justine Kahn, the founder of Botnia Skincare in San Francisco about a decade or more ago. I was at the lowest low of my health journey and she serendipitously invited me into her spa for an impromptu brow wax. The rest was history, as we learned our shared passion for holistic health. I shared my journey of swapping my toxic skincare products out for clean and she shared her passion for creating organic skincare. In the following years, as a client in her spa, she supported me in navigating my health, encouraging me to quit my corporate job and start a company. She was essential in the early business model inspiration when I launched my online clean beauty shop, and motivated me to add an organic spa to our first brick and mortar stores – in which now we give amazing organic Botnia facials! Justine was one of the first true pioneers to provide garden-to-skin skincare and her passion, courage, and grace inspire me every day.

4. What does a typical day in your life look like?

The current day in my life looks very different from how it looked pre-COVID. For one, I am focusing much more of my time on the digital side of our business. Additionally, I am caring for a 6-month-old baby! Thus, my days are long, can be draining, and call for a lot (a LOT!) of multitasking. My mornings consist of a mix of nursing, zoom calls with my team (sometimes, nursing while on zoom calls), and squeezing in a meal and coffee. Throughout the day I am balancing marketing and design approvals, posting on Instagram or responding to DMs (yes, it’s me responding to you!) reviewing our monthly sales, approving assortment strategies, and planning our themes for the months to come. No one day looks the same, and as a new working mom, I really depend on my team to keep me updated and in-the-know on the current needs of our business and ensuring our customers are happy and taken care of. 

5. What is something you look for when partnering with a brand? Do you have any requirements for working with companies?

Yes, we have a few key filters when it comes to considering and partnering with new brands. Clean ingredients are first and foremost. To be considered as a Shop Good brand, a product’s ingredients must meet our non-toxic standards. Complimentary to ingredients evaluations, we personally test each and every product to ensure we see results! If we don’t love it, we won’t sell it! Finally, I like to personally consider the founder’s business philosophy, mission, and values. It’s important to me that we share similar authentic intentions on the impact we hope to have on our customers and footprint on our earth, along with shared viewpoints on racial and gender equality. 

6. What sustainable practices are you bringing to your business now?

This year, we’ve launched two new sustainability programs we have been working on for some time now. I am so proud of both! The first is our Shop Good Body Refillable Program. Our best-selling in-house body wash is now available for refill in-store! No more tossing out the bottle and pump or recycling it only to end up in landfills. Now, we invite customers to hold onto their original container and pop in for a refill at a discounted price. The other program is our “Clean Cut” where we reward our customers for ‘cutting ties with their empties’ and recycling their empty beauty or skincare bottles and jars with us! To do this, we’ve partnered with Terracycle and award customers $1 of Shop Good credit for every empty bottle they bring in to recycle. It’s a win for our customers and a win for the planet!

7. What is one thing that you’ve accomplished as a wellness brand that you are proud of?

With the goal of serving as one of the wellness leaders in San Diego, my work is never done. I am constantly committed to providing an amazing place to shop for my customers and an amazing place to work for my employees. I am continually committed to making Shop Good a safe haven and a powerful resource for those dealing with health issues or skin concerns and be able to provide simple solutions for a healthier life. I hope we have accomplished this for our customers over the past three years and for many more customers to come. 

8. What is one question that we did not ask you that you wish we had? (And please answer it!)

You’re talking to a product junkie right here! So – what’s my go-to clean beauty product right now, you ask?? GOOP GLOW Vitamin C Serum is saving my skin! Post-birth to my daughter, I have been dealing with lots of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. But this serum, when used nightly, has been the one product that I have seen immediate results from. My dark spots quickly lightened and are now almost fully faded. I love the blend of Hyaluronic Acid (super hydrating and plumping) and  L-ascorbic acid (the safest and most potent form of Vitamin C). Highly recommend 10/10.

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