Anita Grant from Fleeky Beauty

As Told By: Anita Grant from Fleeky Beauty

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Meet Anita Grant, Founder of Fleeky Beauty

Are you ready to get your beauty routine on fleek? Anita Grant started Fleeky Beauty to empower independent beauty professionals with a platform to market their business and a way for customers to find the beauty services they’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about Anita’s story, the launch of her new website and what’s in her beauty bag.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get involved in the beauty world? 

My family has always had close ties to the beauty industry. My grandmother was a hairstylist, my mother was her muse and now my oldest sister owns a hair styling business and I am her muse. I’ve always enjoyed the entire process of dressing up and getting ‘fleeked up,’ but my passion was really in business! I obtained a degree specializing in law and business and continued my education in entrepreneurship. I always knew I wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know what or where to start. I tried to tap into industries that I loved, from basketball to business consulting and everything in between. But it wasn’t until I realized the opportunity was right in front of me all along when I started Fleeky Beauty.

2. Can you tell our readers more about Fleeky Beauty and how you first came up with the idea to start your own business? 

Our mission at Fleeky is to encourage diversity, support entrepreneurship and empower women. Fleeky empowers independent beauty professionals with an all-in-one solution to market their services, manage their business and be discovered 24/7 by clients based on location, price and reviews. Clients can now discover a wide variety of talented professionals that cater to their unique and diverse beauty needs.

Fleeky Beauty was inspired by two different experiences. The first experience was with my sister when she first began her independent hairstyling career. My sister is one of the most passionate, hard working women I know. Despite how skilled she is as a hairstylist, she still struggled with things like marketing, bookkeeping, taxes, etc. This was a time before Instagram, where we had to do a lot of leg work. Organically, my love for business and hers for beauty, came together to accelerate her business. Getting a behind the scenes insight of running your own business and experiencing first hand the lack of support for small business owners in the beauty space, illuminated a problem that I needed to fix. 

It wasn’t until I experienced being the only woman of color in a bridal party and the makeup artist was unable to match my skin complexion. I was ecstatic that my best friend was about to tie the knot, but was saddened that I couldn’t experience drinking mimosas, laughing and capturing memories as we got our hair and makeup professionally done. That’s when the idea of Fleeky Beauty was born.

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3. We know that you are in the process of launching a brand-new website. Can you share any details about new updates our followers should keep an eye out for?

Yes, we’re launching in a month! We took all the feedback, criticism and recommendations from our existing users to build a new and improved Fleeky Beauty platform.

For professionals, we focused on all the different layers of owning and running your own business. From marketing, client management, booking systems, taxes, expense tracking and inventory control, professionals can manage all their business needs on Fleeky. For consumers, we focused on the user experience and facilitating the connection between them and the professional. The new platform will offer each consumer a personalized experience, before, during and after their beauty service. 

Our Ambassador Program #FleekyForce will be coming soon! Keep an eye out on how you can apply to be apart of this program, get some free products and collaborate on amazing content. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified!

4. How do you differentiate your marketing strategy between beauty professionals and consumers?

Our marketing strategies for beauty professionals are very different than our consumer strategies. Consumers are using Fleeky for convenience and assurance. The ability to search, review and book beauty services are put to ease. Whereas professionals are using Fleeky to market and grow their beauty business and clientele. 

When we create our marketing strategies for each segment we focus on their pain points and the value our platform provides for each. Things like our messaging, keywords, images and emails are separated and curated for the specific customer segment. Our goal is to dive in deeper to understand how we can personalize the experience and value for each individual. Going back to our mission, encouraging diversity comes first and we’re committed to that. We want every individual to embrace their uniqueness and whether its an email or an advertisement, I want them to be represented, accepted and always feel part of the #fleekyfamily.

5. Can you provide some more information on how our followers can take their first beauty steps to be a part of the Fleeky Beauty community? 

Join the #fleekyfamily at! Both beauty professionals and clients can join for free. For shoutouts and features, #fleekyfamily on Instagram or @fleekyfamily on Facebook!

6. What advice do you have for those interested in starting their own beauty business?

My advice would be to stay passionate, focused and committed to learning. Education is the key to success. Whether its comes from school, a workshop, a book or through experience, the desire to continuously learn is the door to everlasting opportunities and growth. But before any of this, your state of mind will determine your next step. The journey of owning your own business is not linear and some things will be out of your control. But the one thing you do have control over is your thoughts, emotions and actions. There’s a positive in every negative and an opportunity in every rejection, but it’s up to you to see and believe there’s a silver lining. Trust yourself and never forget your why.

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7. What’s currently in your beauty bag?

When I first read this question I kinda laughed because it’s so sad. My beauty bag is literally the basics. My day-to-day look is either no makeup or full coverage foundation (Makeup Forever, Fenty or Maybelline) and mascara (Smashbox SuperFan or L’oreal Voluminous). I’m definitely more on the consumer side and use Fleeky to book a beauty professional to keep me on fleek!

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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