Snapchat Amazon visual search

New This Week: Snapchat and Amazon Team Up For New Visual Search Feature

Last updated on: 2018


Just in time for the holiday season, Snapchat recently announced it will slowly be rolling out a new visual search feature to allow users to shop on Amazon in a snap (literally). This means that the next time you see a pair of cool sneakers on the street, you might be able to buy them from Amazon straight from Snapchat!

How does the new Snapchat visual search feature work?

This new way to search for products on Amazon right from the Snapchat camera is a pretty simple process. Users can scan a physical product or barcode by pressing and holding on the camera screen within the app. After the item or barcode is recognized, a card will appear linking the product or similar ones currently available for purchase on Amazon. The details will allow users to see the title, price, thumbnail image, average review score and Prime availability.

Snapchat Amazon visual search

Photo via Snapchat

Tap your selection to visit the Amazon App (if it’s already installed on your phone) or you’ll be directed to, where you can choose to complete your purchase or continue browsing.

Snapchat’s technology determines whether you’re scanning a song, QR code or object, then uses Amazon’s machine vision tech to recognize artwork, package covers, logos or other unique marks to pull up either the product or similar ones. For now, the partnership is only rolling out to a small percentage of U.S. users first before Snap considers other countries.

Snapchat Amazon visual search
Photo via TechCrunch

How is visual search useful?

This feature could be very helpful for when you don’t know the name of the product you’re looking it, such as shoes, and is a definite time-saver for consumers. It seems that visual search could easily turn into a new form of word-of-mouth marketing, with influencers and owners essentially creating billboards for products they’re using or wearing. Eventually, visual search could also be useful in helping different types of users shop and even overcome language barriers.

Happy snapping and shopping!

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