Aloxxi ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour

Aloxxi Introduces NEW ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour Shades

Last updated on: 2018


ANDIAMO Is Complete Grey Coverage In a Flash

Are you ready for long-lasting, beautiful color in as little as 10 minutes? Taylor & Pond client Aloxxi has transformed the traditional coloring process with their ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour. The secret to this revolutionary color is Aloxxi’s proprietary Turbo Dye Technology, which increases pigment concentration and deposits a higher concentration of dyes in only 10 minutes (don’t worry the color quality is not sacrificed)! ANDIAMO has a calibrated dye coupler formula regulating dye oxidation pace to ensure consistent, on-point color results for up to four levels of lift. The cherry on top? Illipe Butter provides the nourishment, shine and manageability your hair deserves!

Bring On The Ravishing Reds

Not only does ANDIAMO speed up the time it takes to cover greys and enhance color in color clients, but the line has also expanded to include three new ravishing red shades. These stunning hues have us craving the gorgeous red locks rocked by celebrities such as Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. The three new shades include:

  •      5C – Romantic Rafaello
  •      4RM – Valentino’s Delight
  •      5RM – Blush of Barolo

What are Leading Professionals in the Hair Industry Saying About ANDIAMO?

Aloxxi ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour

“Today, everyone is pressed for time and when it comes to color services, ANDIAMO Express Permanent Colour is the solution. Whether it’s retouching clients in need of grey coverage every few weeks, blending and covering male clientele or adding in some quick highlights, hairdressers can now upsell an existing color client to a premium service or convert a non-color client to one without a huge time commitment.” – Kim Donovan, Aloxxi’s Director of Marketing

“I love Andiamo.  It is a great product with incredible performance and for my salon it is a game changer!” – Rocco, Hairdresser and Owner of Rocco Donna Salon

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