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California Agency Opens Largest Content Studio in the Beauty Industry

Last updated on: 2020

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The Industry’s Call for Creativity

It’s no surprise the beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world… and it shows no signs of stopping! Taylor & Pond, the leading digital marketing agency in the beauty and wellness industry, is part of this movement, now opening a brand new 5,000 square foot beauty creative studio. *hold for applause 

This makes it the largest content creation studio in the beauty industry. The San Diego-based agency is ensuring their spot at the top in this highly competitive and exciting field.

“Having a top-notch content studio of this size allows us to create dynamic content at a very fast pace with multiple sessions happening at the same time. Every inch of our new content studio is customized specifically for the beauty industry, and having all of this in our own building is beyond exciting. It’s a total gamechanger both for our clients and us as an agency,” said Siri Fomsgaard, President of Taylor & Pond. 

An Ever-Evolving Space & Prime Location

The beauty content studio boasts a vast array of capabilities, with over 5,000 square feet of space tailored specifically to beauty and lifestyle content creation. Located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter at the heart of downtown San Diego, the studio’s unique aesthetic of old-world warmth meets modern-day edge creates a dynamic and sleek environment for creatives to showcase the ever-evolving and fresh attitude of the beauty industry. 

“We’ve loaded the new studio space with top-of-the-line gear, including lighting, cameras, skyrails, audio gear, live wireless feeds, multiple set pieces, props, and everything in between to seamlessly take projects from conception to completion,” Torres continued. “From satisfying videos to tutorials to lifestyle content, the studio will continue to serve as a large adaptable space for our in-house team to bring our clients’ visions to life.”

Some of its most impressive attributes include a soundproof video room, an e-commerce shooting station, a naturally sunlit lifestyle area, an ‘Instagram-able’ kitchen, and two chic bathrooms. These features allow for a highly adaptable and dynamic arena that serves all varieties of creative needs, from large-scale commercial video productions to engaging, snackable content perfect for social media. What we know the most about the beauty industry and consumers? They LOVE content!

Don’t Forget About The Influencers

Influencers have become a significant pillar, holding a large stake in the beauty industry with their exponential follower growth. This beauty content studio primes the agency to best accommodate its influencer partners, given its optimal Southern California location, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and professional equipment. They’ve even had mega influencer and brand owner of LAWLESS Beauty, Annie Lawless come and shoot there!

All About The Agency

This year, Taylor & Pond celebrates 25 years in the digital marketing landscape. The agency offers a wide range of marketing and advertising services including strategy and branding, public relations, website development, and creative content production.

Want to learn more about Taylor & Pond’s new creative studio? Visit for more information on the studio.

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