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Why You Need to Add Music in Social Media Video Content

Last updated on: 2019


Music is one of the most important parts in the digital marketing and social media world. It affects the audience’s sentiment throughout the melody. Also, music plays an important role because it expresses the atmosphere behind the theme and motivates the audience. The successful use of music in a video can effectively support the caption and engagement of the video post on social media. Nowadays, influencer marketing is one of the popular trends in social media. Using influencers can attract consumers’ attention to the brand and improve brand awareness. However, people don’t always realize that music sometimes brings the same awareness as the influencer. On the other hand, music can draw more attention to the audience by affecting their brain.

Why is it important to add music in social media video content?

Music Draws More Attention

Here are two videos from Aloxxi, one of Taylor & Pond’s clients.

As you can see, the second video draws more attention when adding music to it. The major role of music in video content is to enhance the effect the advertisement has on the viewer. The length of a video in social media tends to be quick and fast-paced, so choosing upbeat music for the video can really create a fun experience for the audience.

Music Gives More Opportunity for Branding

Music is a great opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness. The success of using music for video can effectively support the caption and engagement of the video. The audience can connect music to the brand, which makes music an essential part of branding. More and more cosmetics brands nowadays are using this strategy to enhance brand awareness. Many brands like to use fun and dramatic music to promote their products, which enables the audience to recognize the branding by hearing the music without looking at the screen. When music is consistent with the content, it can also be the key to strengthen brand awareness. Different styles of music bring different effect to the brand, this is based on how the brand itself wants to structure their style.

For example, the second Aloxxi video is very effective in being memorable by using fun, upbeat, and dynamic music. In this age of social media being so important in everyone’s life, images alone are not good enough for branding. Video (plus music) can help to achieve more and draw more customers to the product.

Music is Good, But Must Be Used Correctly

Using music in your social content is good for a lot of reasons, but it has to be used correctly. Using the wrong music can have a devastating effect and mislead the audience to the wrong message. Before making a video, we should first consider the purpose of this video. What kind of audience do we want to attract? Is it for a special holiday? Understanding the purpose or goal can be really helpful to choosing the right music. You need to ensure that the selected music is a perfect match and can arouse strong emotions from the audience in a quick time. An important factor to consider is that different music can affect different age groups. People from 18 to 25 tend to be drawn towards more fun, upbeat music while people over 30 typically like a more classic style music. Nowadays, the selections of music play a significant role in the popular trend. Understanding the audience’s needs can be really helpful to choosing the right song.

Now, it’s time to pick your music and make a stunning video!

Do you use or plan to use music in your social media content? Let us know below.

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