How to Add Links on Social Platforms (Snapchat & Instagram Stories)

Last updated on: 2018


New features have hit two social media platforms that allow followers to shop with a swipe! Both Instagram and Snapchat have added a new feature to their apps, allowing users to add a link to their photo or video.

Find out how to elevate your next post in just a click with this easy how-to!

Instagram Story:

(note, you can only add a link to your story if you have 10K or more followers)

  1. Decide if you’ll be posting a video and/or photo. Keep in mind you can utilize the various options Instagram offers such as Boomerang or stop-motion.
  2. Once you decide, open the app and click on the brand’s profile icon in the top left hand corner. There will be a blue plus sign.
  3. “Film” your video or add your graphic/photo.
  4. At the top of your screen, you’ll notice icons that you can use to add text or emojis. The icon to add your website link will also be in this section. It looks similar to a paper clip. Click on it and add a website link of your choice!
  5. Click “Send To” at the bottom right and Add to “Your Story”
  6. You’re all set!


  1. Decide if you’ll be posting a video and/or photo. With Snapchat, it is best to upload an image fit for Snapchat dimensions OR film a video.
  2. Once you decide on the content, record your video or upload your image.
  3. Icons will appear on the right hand side. You can utilize these to add text, emojis, or special effects. Once you’re set, click on the icon that looks similar to a paper clip and type in the URL you want the link to drive traffic to.
  4. Click the blue arrow at the bottom right and add to “My Story”
  5. You’re all set!

Let us know how you’re utilizing Snapchat and Instagram Stories below!

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