5 Tips for Getting Your Brand Noticed by Big Beauty Retailers

Last updated on: 2018


For an up and coming beauty brand, it may be thought that there is little chance to be noticed by big beauty retailers such as Sephora or Ulta. This is entirely untrue; in fact, being a newer brand could be your ticket into the big leagues. Here are some tips for keeping your smaller brand at the forefront of retailer interest.

Make Sure Your Products Live Up To Their Claims

The beauty world is, at its core, aesthetically driven. No one wants to spend hard earned money on products that don’t give the results they are looking for! Test out your products and do trials to be sure the benefits you’re guaranteeing are valid. If they’re happy with the results from your products, customers are more likely to spread the word to their friends and family, increasing your brand awareness and the possibility of a major retailer hearing about you!

Encourage Engagement from Customers

If it’s apparent you have fans ready to step into the doors of retailers to purchase your product, you’re showing these retailers that carrying your products will bring value to their company. Make sure you’re encouraging your fan base to leave reviews, post about your products, and do all of the bragging for your brand! Plus, as most consumers trust word-of-mouth testimonials from others over company advertising, you’re building your brand’s reputation amongst those who will be making purchases.

Stay Active, Unique, and Customer Focused on Social Media

Engagement is key to getting noticed by major retailers. Make sure your brand is staying active on social media, promoting your brand voice and aesthetic, and engaging with your customers. Find relevant conversations that align with your brand voice and join the conversation. Be authentically you; your brand needs to be unique and have something to offer that large retailer customers want to have and want to be a part of. This means look the part, speak the part, and act the part in every aspect, from your social aesthetic and brand voice to packaging. Everything that is customer facing must be aligned and elevate one another. Additionally, it is more important than ever to have an ultra-responsive customer service team. It is essential that there is no inquiry left unanswered; in this social age, patience is thin and it’s easy for any negative review to spread to other consumers and prospective retailers.

Have a Branded Presentation With Product Offerings and ROI Always On The Ready

Anywhere, anytime, you could have the opportunity of a lifetime for your brand. Don’t miss it due to lack of planning and preparation! Create a brand deck outlining who you are as a brand, social footprints, email marketing strategies, product descriptions (including who the product is targeting, MSRP, supplier, and distributor pricing structures), pictures, any other retailers or distribution channels, and testimonials from fans.

Investigate People Who Make the Big Decisions

Research is key to getting your products into the hands of the right people. Start researching different retailers you’re interested in (a great resource is LinkedIn), and find the people who are in charge of buying for these stores. It is also important to have an understanding of the patterns these buyers keep when adding new products to the lineup for your specific realm of beauty.

There’s no time like the present. Get your products on the shelves at big beauty retailers!