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5 Things Every Intern Should Know

Last updated on: 2018

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After years of dreaming of a job in social media, googling more resume tips and tricks than we’d like to admit, and finally graduating from college, we have landed ourselves spots as interns at the best digital marketing agency in San Diego, Taylor & Pond. Getting here was not the hard part … staying here is. We enjoy our time as interns because our employment here is not guaranteed — meaning we spend every day working and learning everything we can.

So, what have we learned as interns so far?

Here’s five things that every intern should know:

Know the Company

Before starting this internship, we did extensive research on what services Taylor & Pond offers, the clients, and who works at the company (thank you LinkedIn!). One of the best ways to get the most out of an internship is to know who the company is, what it stands for, and who you need to impress.

Know Your End Game

When you land an internship, it’s important to recognize where you are now and where you want to be. While all interns hope for permanent job placement, what we get out of this internship is much more valuable than what we learned in school. An internship at Taylor & Pond means real-world, hands on experience that is often unheard of for interns. This isn’t a place to grab the office coffee or sort files; this is a place to immerse yourself into the digital marketing world with full force. We are constantly included in client meetings with top-performing, international brands and are encouraged to participate as part of the team.

Know Your Role & Others

Knowing your own roles is important for obvious reasons, but it’s equally, if not more important to know the role of the person you’re working under. As interns, it’s important to make others’ jobs easier, not harder. By knowing what others’ have on their plates, we are able to show interest in learning these responsibilities and working to make them our own.

Know It’s Okay to Ask Questions

The most useful tip we’ve learned as interns is to be a sponge. It’s important to absorb any knowledge that comes our way and constantly be searching for more. We have an allotted amount of time to learn from the best, so we are constantly picking at our colleague’s brains. Never be afraid to ask questions!

Know That Your Creativity is Valued

As Dr. Seuss taught us, “Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!” (His grammar may need a little work, but we’ll let it slide.) No one sees the world through the perspective that you see it and sharing different ideas is what helps a team grow. Being an intern, it’s natural to assume that your ideas aren’t taken seriously but when working in the creative world, especially at Taylor & Pond, any and all ideas are valued.

What’s the best tip that you’ve learned as an intern? What tips would you give to someone just starting an internship? Let us know more below!

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