4 Google Analytics Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

Last updated on: 2018


So you’ve successfully launched your business’ website. Now what? It’s time to start analyzing your performance with Google Analytics metrics in order to optimize and improve results.

What are the most important Google Analytics metrics, you may ask?

Check out the list below for the top four website metrics you should be monitoring right now.

New vs. Returning Users

These metrics are a great way to gauge consumer interest for your product or service – especially when compared to each other. Monitor these numbers to see exactly how many individuals have clicked through to your website in a particular span of time, monitor the success of your marketing campaigns to attract new consumers and then view how many are engaged enough to return to your page.

Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate allows you to see your website visitors’ behaviors with a macro lens. Bounce rate is calculated by the percentage of users who visited your website and then left without clicking to another page. This metric is crucial to analyzing your website content’s relevance to those who come across it. It’s also important to stay aware of what kind of metrics are common for your type of website. A bounce rate over 70% is higher than average for a typical website but may not be cause for alarm if you manage a blog, news site or event page.

Top Landing Pages

This tool is excellent for helping you see which of your web pages are receiving the highest entrances and clicks. If your business’ most valuable page isn’t receiving the number of entrances you’d like it to, you may want to reevaluate your marketing campaigns to attract more interested users. On the other hand, you may find that a webpage you didn’t consider as essential to your website is attracting a lot of clicks and entrances, so it would be to your advantage to reallocate your marketing efforts toward this page.   

Traffic Sources

Find out which web pages are driving to your website with the Traffic Sources metric. This tool lists where users are coming from before landing on your website and is extremely useful for deciding which channels to focus your marketing efforts toward.  Traffic sources can include, social media platforms, paid google search (or AdWords campaigns), organic search (via Google, Bing or Yahoo) or a direct visit which entails a user manually typing in your website URL.

Monitoring your Google Analytics stats is crucial to the success of your webpage and can seriously help you increase business visits, leads and even purchases. Use these four Google Analytics metrics to keep a close eye on your web visitors behaviors, patterns and interests to catapult your brand toward future success.

What Google Analytics metrics do you check regularly? Let us know in the comments below!

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