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Our 3 Favorite K-Beauty Brands

Last updated on: 2018


If you thought K-Beauty would be a short-lived trend with limited influence on the beauty industry, you know by now that you were headed in the wrong direction! K-Beauty is fully taking over the global beauty industry. Still don’t know what K-Beauty is? K-Beauty refers to any beauty trends or products that originate from South Korea, the famous beauty-loving country, where sheet masks and cushion foundations all started. Whether it’s on social media or at major retailers like Sephora or Ulta, K-Beauty brands have exceeded most of our expectations in creating buzz for their distinctive products. Here are three of our favorite K-Beauty brands that best represent the growing success of K-Beauty, achieved through clever marketing strategies and unique product differentiation in the market.

Nion Beauty

The first on our list is Nion Beauty, an up-and-coming K-Beauty brand that uses pioneering technology in their silicone exfoliating facial and body brushes. By focusing on its mission to make people around the world glow with confidence, Nion Beauty offers high-end, luxury skincare brushes for the bright, youthful complexion that glow-getters strive for. Through its creative social media feed and fun and flirty brand voice, Nion Beauty has rapidly emerged as a skincare brand that stands out from competitors. Nion Beauty is also differentiated from other brands due to the fact that it offers the Opus Body brush, which will get you glowing skin from head to toe.

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Glow Recipe

Every K-Beauty lover would be more than happy to see their favorite K-beauty products at Sephora, making their shopping experience so much easier and more enjoyable. Glow Recipe is a curated destination site for natural and trendy skincare products from Korea. The brand successfully got its foot in at Sephora with its own product line including two of our favorite products, Watermelon Glow Juice Moisturizer and Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser. Previously, Glow Recipe established its market presence through its curated brands, such as Blithe and J. ONE. The brand has firmly positioned its own brand, Glow Recipe, as one of the best K-Beauty skincare brands that are accessible to everyone through Sephora and their e-commerce website.

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It’s easy for anyone to think “skincare” when they hear “K-Beauty”. Nevertheless, a true K-Beauty fanatic would easily list their favorite Korean color cosmetic products. Innisfree is a Korean “road-shop” brand, a cosmetic store with affordable, yet high quality products sold by the roadside in Korea. It may not be a high-end, luxury beauty brand, but Innisfree has it all, from the skincare line inspired by the beautiful Jeju Island in Korea to the color cosmetic line that embraces natural, yet radiant looks. While Innisfree seems to focus on their skincare line in the US market, the brand also has an exceptional color cosmetic line that will help them stand out among other global drug store brands. Some of the famous skin care line includes Green Tea Collection and Volcanic Cluster Collection. The brand also has an extensive amount of color cosmetic products – eye shadows, eye brows, contouring, blush and concealer – available specifically for the “My Palette”, a custom, build-your-own makeup palette.

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As K-Beauty is on the rise, it is time for us to learn from the brands that made it to the top of the global beauty industry. We can’t wait for more K-Beauty makeup lines and skin products to launch in the US!

What are your favorite K-Beauty brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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