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2022 Trend Forecast: Best Email Marketing Strategies to Watch

Last updated on: 2022


Similar to George Clooney, email marketing seems only to be getting better with age. The return on investment for emails simply cannot be beaten by virtually any other form of marketing, and we expect no different for 2022. With that being said, we need to nurture our email marketing campaigns to be the best that they can be, and that comes with following trends as well as staying ahead of the curve. If we’ve learned anything from the past year, people more than ever crave connection, and technology is front and center on ways to stay innovative. 

Follow along to learn how to stay on top of email marketing this year.

email marketing

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Say Goodbye to Open Rate

With the ever-changing iOS updates, tracking is becoming increasingly complicated across all marketing platforms. For email, in particular, open rates have taken the biggest hit. The new iOS 15 privacy settings artificially boost the open rate, which was once the key indicator of an email’s success. 

Email marketers need not worry, as click rate is still accurately tracked and will better indicate the effectiveness of an email. Remember this when you’re setting up your A/B tests, and have your campaigns choose a winner based on click rate rather than open rate.

Animation Station

Getting people to open an email is important, but creating a captivating email that will keep your subscribers engaged is essential. More and more brands are incorporating animation in their email. According to Litmus, 51.8% of brands use animated GIFs in their marketing emails. Adding rotating images, flashing headers, countdown timers, etc., will quickly catch your reader’s eye and encourage them to click through. 

With that being said, it’s easy to add animation that is busy or distracting from your main message. Combat this by using animation sparingly and only for the key elements of your email that you most want to be seen. 

Make it Personalized

Personalizing an email is one way to set you apart from other emails when it comes to subject lines, but there are more ways to create a connection with your subscribers. 

Creating a more personalized experience can help you stay connected —you can do this by suggesting products based on subscribers’ interests, location, and purchasing history. You can do this by setting up email preferences to learn more about your customer or building surveys to learn behaviors and preferences. 

You can also make your brand stand out by creating personalized flows that target your customer’s shopping journey. Flows can also be a way to recognize your customer’s uniqueness (come on, who doesn’t love a personalized birthday shout-out). 

Focus on Mobile

If your emails are not yet mobile-friendly, you might want to start changing that. With over ​​85% of users using smartphones to open emails, we can only see this number increasing in 2022. Optimizing your emails for mobile is one of the most important aspects of your campaigns and should be a top priority. 

A few ways we recommend adopting this practice is by creating designs that are user-friendly through all devices. For example, fluid graphics that can be adapted on mobile and desktop, concise copy, and a front and center CTA will make the mobile experience seamless.


Email is cool and one of the best ways to convert and retain customers. So staying ahead of the curve and adapting any of these trends should be on the top of your resolutions for your 2022 email marketing strategy.

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