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Instagram Story Features Your Business Should Use

Last updated on: 2021



Instagram is removing the swipe-up link feature in its stories! Be on the lookout for its replacement: the new link sticker! The shift to the new link sticker started on August 30th, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know about Instagram’s new link sticker: 

The Verge has reported that Instagram users will tap the new link sticker instead of swiping up to access external links. As this new feature rolls out, only accounts with over 10,000 followers or verified users will be able to use the new link sticker. Get excited because the link sticker is supposed to offer more creative freedom than the swipe-up link. It is also expected to encourage more engagement. 


While you’re experimenting with the new link sticker, here are a few more interactive features you can use in your beauty brand’s stories to help further boost engagement from your followers. 

The Emoji Slider Sticker

If you’re about to post a great photo or video to your beauty brand’s story, we recommend you add an emoji slider sticker! This feature allows you to build excitement and lets your follower quickly drag the slider to rate your content! Plus, you can customize the color, emoji, and even add a question. 

Instagram Live 

It’s time to go live! Beauty brands can host live beauty tutorials and Q&A sessions to help highlight products. Live broadcasts help further establish your beauty brand as the expert. Plus, the more live broadcast your brand does, the more connections you can make with your customers. Going live is a great way to give your beauty brand a human touch. 

The Quiz Sticker 

Beauty pop quizzes are a hit with followers! For example, use the quiz sticker to test their knowledge while promoting the beneficial ingredients in your beauty product all at once. Similar to the emoji slider sticker, you can customize the color and add a question. The quiz sticker also allows you to add up to four answer options on your quiz. 


Are you posting multiple frames at once? If so, add a GIF of an arrow on the first frame that introduces your topic! This arrow will prevent your views from dropping after the first frame. It’s a simple way to signal to your followers that there is more to come!

New Link Sticker

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