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How to Successfully Launch Celebrity Beauty Brands in 2021

Last updated on: 2021


This year came in hot for new celebrity beauty brands! After Rihanna entered the beauty industry with her brand Fenty Beauty, many celebrities have been ideating new ways to expand. This has led us to witness creative and interesting launches as much of the shopping experience has become online in the last two years.

Here’s what celebrity beauty brands should be aware of when planning a launch strategy:

Full grid photographs, campaigns, and catchy one-liners appear to be timeless but, these marketing essentials are a must on Instagram, according to Marketing Hub!

Authenticity:  There is nothing more uncomfortable than looking up a brand and being able to tell that they’re doing it for the money. People are looking for relatable celebrities, not just a face to a brand.

Eye-Catching Visuals: Using different colors and mixed content keeps an audience on their toes without giving away too much about the brand. Launches are all about creating an expectation!

Stories, Stories, Stories: Brands will want to post as much as possible on stories to avoid dumping in-feed. The more you post in-feed, the more the audience will get annoyed. Plus, establishing a good posting cadence helps your brand retain followers.

Reels and Live Content: Audiences want to see different, new, and varied videos that allow them to look “behind the scenes” of the brand.

Influencers and Makeup Artists: Every beauty launch needs third-party people backing the brand up either organically or paid, but with transparency.

Social Advocacy: There must be a vision and mission behind the brand. Audiences are looking for philanthropy work, which is a good trend to back.

Trends: There is nothing more relatable than a brand that can keep up with the times. Hopping on viral trends or using popular saying keeps the brand young and alive amidst the Gen Z audience.

So, with that said, what celebrity beauty brands are performing well because of a successful launch?

About Face by Halsey

Launched January 25th

Since her launch, Halsey has garnered nearly 200k followers with her quirky and colorful style. About Face has an engagement rate of 2.60%, which is considered average or good. There also has been little to no change between her launch grid and her current grid, which is a great indicator of consistent branding.

Treslúce by Becky G

Launched June 25th

 Probably one of the best brands launched this year, Becky killed it with her campaign for Treslúce. Not only is she backing the brand, working with influencers and makeup artists, but she has also paid homage to her Mexican heritage by having Mexican artists draw the art on her palette covers. She garnered a whopping 3.99% for engagement rate, which is an amazing rate to have with your followers.

JVN Hair by Jonathan Van Ness

Launched August 31st

The star hairstylist from Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness, launched a haircare collection after much anticipation. Authenticity is the hairstylist’s brand, and this launch proved it to the max. Everything from the start of the grid to the latest post screams, “I know what I am doing, and I am passionate about it.” JVN Hair often posts live content and videos that make way for an open, transparent, and clear vision for the brand. This has led to an engagement rate of 2.49%, which is good according to industry standards.


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