2019 Social Media Trends

2019 Social Media Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

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The only thing consistent about the landscape of social media is that’s always evolving. As we continue in to the year, it’s key for those in digital marketing to stay on top of trends, ideas and online behaviors sure to be dominating feeds and conversations in the upcoming months. Here are three 2019 social media trends to keep an eye out for this year.

So what social media trends can we expect to see in the rest of 2019?


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1. Personalization

Content is continuing to trend towards becoming more and more customized for the individual. Whether by uploading a post to a personal blog, following a brand on Instagram or favoriting a song on Spotify, social media users are constantly sharing information about themselves. These online activities quickly build a behavioral profile that platforms can use to better tailor services. Personalization is more than just your profile picture on Facebook or Snapchat addressing you by your first name. Personalized content is when Netflix uses an algorithm to suggest shows you’d like or when Spotify curates a customized playlist based on your previous searches. The skincare brand Curology is marketing its products as customer-specific, requiring participants to answer detailed questionnaires and send photos before receiving product. The dating app Bumble now allows users to share their political leanings, religious views and drinking habits (along with age, location and career) with anyone who might be swiping in the same zip code.          

The trade-off is a tricky one: the more information people share, the better suited to them content will be however, that naturally comes at the price of personal privacy. Still, the trend of personalization’s convenience and attention to the individual remains wildly popular with users and shows no sign slowing down.

2. Influencers and Micro-Influencers

Influencers are here to stay and SLAY in 2019. This makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective. One sponsored Instagram post from an influencer such as Kaitlyn Bristowe has the chance to reach the personal feeds of all 1.6M of her followers. Influencers are known to run successful campaigns, with their proven ability to create successful content and recommendations often holding a significant amount of weight with followers.

However, it’s not always just a numbers game in terms of which influencers can best represent a brand. While a higher number of  followers naturally leads to more attention for sponsored posts, users with high-engagement levels from their following are more likely to have commercial success. Micro influencers, or accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers, have been rising in prominence for digital marketers as they often have niche audiences and high levels of engagement. For example, if a nail polish company wanted to raise brand awareness, a sponsored post with a smaller influencer dedicated to nail art would be a better allocation of resources than a general big-name influencer.

3. In-the-Moment Posts

Whether you’re live tweeting your favorite Monday night reality show or posting your dinner for 24 hours on your story, in-the-moment content is forecasted to dominate in 2019. While planned posts continue to build out official feeds, it is the temporary and timely content that users engage with the most frequently. Platforms are recognizing this, with Facebook quickly adopting a Story feature soon after the success of Instagram and Snapchat’s implementation of them. In-the-moment content rings of authenticity, is easily digested and is naturally relevant due to its timeliness. This can been seen in the immense success of live-streaming platforms such as Twitch and Periscope. Additionally, a huge brand such as Vogue immediately becomes more accessible and intriguing when posting behind-the-scenes footage from photo shoots. With the world moving as fast as ever, people want to know what’s happening now.

It’s looking to be an eventful year in social media for 2019. As these 2019 social media trends continue to develop, so too will the digital landscape around us.

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