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New This Week: New 2019 Pinterest Marketing Tools

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How strong is your pinning game? Whether you’re an avid Pinner or just starting to learn more about the platform, Pinterest is the social platform you’ll want to keep an eye on this year. Check out the latest 2019 Pinterest marketing tools, including new features that encourage brands and creators to upload videos, plus an updated search tool that allows users to filter by skin tone.

What 2019 Pinterest marketing tools are making a splash on the platform?

New Video Features

With video content on the rise everywhere in the social media world, Pinterest has made it easier for creators and brands to upload videos directly to the visual search engine. After the company found that that pinners are 54% more likely to say they’re inspired to action by videos on Pinterest compared to videos on other media platforms, four new  video features rolled out on the platform.

The new video features include:

  • A new and improved video uploader
  • A video tab that allows business profiles to features all its videos in one place
  • An analytics tool that includes key traffic and performance insights
  • A Pin Scheduler tool that allows brands and creators to schedule videos in advance

Pinterest Video Feature

Image via The Verge

Pinterest is hopeful that the new tools will increase both engagement and ad revenue to support brands, businesses and influencers alike. The brand is encouraging paying users to post inspiring how-to videos and tutorials specifically tailored to Pinterest users due to its longer shelf life. As videos on Pinterest surface and resurface over time, in theory, the videos should get more engagement compared to other platforms and have a higher chance of leading users to purchase.

Skin Tone Filter

With more than 38.5 million unique users of hair and beauty content, Pinterest is the largest beauty platform in the world. In an effort to be more inclusive and help users quickly find what they are looking for, the brand’s latest update now allows beauty and hair search results to be filtered by skin tones. There are currently four skin tone ranges that populate at the top of the page after entering a beauty or hair related search.

2019 Pinterest Marketing Tools - Skin Tone Filter

Image via The Verge

According to Pinterest’s engineering account, the brand faced issues in the programming process in being able to detect specific skin tones in images due to lighting, shadows and others variables. In order to solve this issue, Pinterest partnered with a third-party beauty app ModiFace to use its artificial intelligence facial data library.

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